LPub and multi-part parts

LPub and multi-part parts

I'm relatively new to making instructions with LPub. I did some small models, but nothing more.
I'm now working on a far bigger project for someone else (it's a Technic model with +/- 2200 parts).

But, I discovered a "problem"; multi-part parts (or whatever they're called) like pf-motors. LPub shows all the different parts from the (in this case) xl motor in the parts list and BOM. How can I avoid this? I just want a normal one-piece motor in the parts list and BOM?

I know it's possible, because I've seen it many times in other instructions.

Thanks in advance!
Merlijn / legolijntje
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LPub and multi-part parts - by Merlijn Wissink - 2013-04-25, 14:01

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