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Yes, but you will need some custom / unofficial subparts.

Once all the needed subparts are official I will add default templates for them, but in the mean time you can configure pretty much any flexible part your self if you are not scared of using some more advanced features.

For this to work you must first configure LDCad to use the unofficial library along side the official one using the 'prefs\LDraw\search paths' dialog. When all needed parts are findable you start a new path file or edit a copy of e.g. the pneumatic hose, I'll assume the later.

Locate a suitable wire segment donor in the bin and double click it while the skin is selected. This will replace the donor from pneumatic tube segment to a wire segment (the double tubes). You might need to fiddle with the rotation matrix in the skin dialog of the wire segment is differently orientated (the skin dlg assumes default LDraw part authoring rules as discussed in this tread)

Next you replace the pneumatic endcaps with a complete plug the same way.

If one or both of those plugs are the wide version you need to account for the widening / split of the wire. For this you need a subpart containing this widening section (don't know if that's a s\ part in the unofficial library?). You can then place this part as an additional cap just like the connectors them selves or make them part of the skin / wire section by adding additional skin sections (of a single segment) to the path. Don't worry about having multiple end caps and how to keep them together later on, the next version will have auto grouping for them.

Hope this is somewhat clear, It probably needs a (video) tutorial to make more sense, although it really isn't that difficult once you got the hang of it all.

Also if anyone would like to see additional default templates of stuff that's is already in the official library let me know, I'm planning to extend the default collection considerably for the next version anyway. Maybe even include some parts that need custom donors etc. As long those donors are ether supplied to me or are simple enough for me to make myself in a couple of minutes.
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