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Re: LDCad 1.2 Public Alpha 1
Travis Cobbs Wrote:if you add a line to the top of their definition saying "0 Unofficial Part". This will cause LDView to treat the hose as a part, and therefore perform smoothing on it.

Is it ok if this line follows after "0 !LDCAD GENERATED" (but before the bfc one) making it part of the maintained code block. Or does LDView stop processing the header as soon it finds non header metas or something? You could also add it to the template as a workaround in the current version though.

Travis Cobbs Wrote:While doing this, I discovered that your hoses are missing conditional lines between the segments. Adding those would cause the smoothing to look really good (with my LDView fix).

That should be forced by adding those type 5 lines in the donor, only downside is they will cause duplicate lines for all but the last segment. Although I probably be able to add detection for that without too many costly vertex compares. Next Alpha will have a custom donor (with minimal geometry) for hoses I'll make a note to add those lines in those files.

Travis Cobbs Wrote:Another problem is that you split quads into two triangles prior to doing the deformation, and the deformation can result in output where the two triangles that make up the quad have different normals. These triangles should have a conditional line added between them.

So basically I need to add a conditional line between split quad triangles if the angle between their normals is below a certain (0.02 deg or dot prod ?) value?
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