Decreasing poly count on models

Decreasing poly count on models
Ok i have this question: suppose that i want to make a low poly version of a model (made of N parts), suitable for real time graphics for example in a videogame, how could i substantially reduce the amount of vertex and polygons while keeping as much details as possible? I'm not interested in keeping internal structure, just to obtain a lowpoly model.

One thing that came to mind was to remove all studs from the parts (they're relatively small in a model, expecially when seen from apart, and take up a lots of vertex/poly), and it would be easily done by removing all stud*.dat primitives. Also removing all greeble on the bottom of bricks would help a lot (but it's harder as, afaik, they're not primitives?).
Another thing could be to remove all internal, non visible parts, but how to do it algorithmically is bejond me.

So can anyone point to some algorithm or want to share some idea ?
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