[Thoughts wanted] Parts.xml - xml improvement on Part.lst

[Thoughts wanted] Parts.xml - xml improvement on Part.lst
Hi All,

For a long time I've wanted there to be an .xml version of parts.lst containing not only the part and description, but also additional meta data. When Michael posted his fine looking LDFind today I had my final motivation to do something about it. Because a good Parts.xml would make searching so much easier.

As such LDMakeList 1.0 will make Parts.lst in the usual way, but will also make Parts.xml with a very simple format. I'd like some ideas of what should and shouldn't go into this format. Right now I'm wavering on 'License' for example.

So far each entry is as follows
<Part [Unofficial="1"] [Primitive="1"]>
<Description>Brick  7 x 19</Description>
[<License>GPL 4500.0</License>]
[<Category>Weird brick</Category>]

where things in square brackets appear only when required.

I've attached an example.

Anyway, I welcome your thoughts on this.

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