Feedback Request: Table of Offests for Related Parts

Re: Feedback Request: Table of Offests for Related Parts
I agree here. The implementation details of SR3DBuilder may mean that some change might actually help SR3DBuilder. There was a comment earlier in this thread that SR3DBuilder uses a patch file system to allow it to virtually change the official parts without having to modify the original files. It seems to me that if connection info suddenly starts showing up in official parts, and it's in the same format as his existing connection info, it might actually cause problems for SR3DBuilder. So, I think it would be best to work with Sergio to find out what the implications would be.

There's also the question of how to get all his existing connection info incorporated into official parts. Ideally, it wouldn't require all of them to go through the full PT review process. If there's a way we could do this all at once, then my original concern above (about files with connection info interfering with SR3DBuilder's patched connection info) could probably be addressed simply via coordination. But I'm not sure how feasible it would be.

There's also the obvious question of whether or not Sergio wants his format to become the official ones, and whether or not he's willing to make his connection info public. Additionally, he probably doesn't want to have to wait on parts going through the PT review process to add connection info for use by his program, so that's a potential problem as well.

Note: even after all this apparently negative exposition, I still feel that if possible we should use Sergio's connection data if at all possible.
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