Parts Requestor System Requirements

Parts Requestor System Requirements
Yes - let's collect requirements here. Then I can build a web interface as part of the Parts Tracker. It should be linked to the Parts Tracker to facilitate automatic removal when an unofficial version gets submitted. There is Parts Tracker functionality that can be re-purposed for this.

- Should each user have a limit on how many parts than can have on their "I request this" list?
- Should each user have a limited number of "I support this votes"?
- Should there be a hierarchy of votes (Urgent/Important/Useful/Nice to have)

LDraw Parts Request System Requirements:
- page listing requested parts (sortable by part number, description, vote tally), linking to
- page for each requested part, containing
- link to part image (peeron/Bricklink/personal URL)
- username of requestor
- usernames of supporters
- username of volunteer author
- comments/activity log (like on the Parts Tracker)
- links for "I support this", "I am authoring this", "Comment"

- page listing (for current user) of requested and supported parts

- admin functionality to edit/rename/delete entries

Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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