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Re: OMR Philosophy (Was: Re: OMR: prefixing imported files)
Allen Smith Wrote:If the problem is trying to inline a sub model with the name "s\xxx.dat", that is asking for trouble. I would expect such a line to direct to LDraw\s or an external neighbor folder s\. No spec says it is supposed to try resolving to a submodel first.

That's pretty much what that discussion was about. I think in your example things would be fixed if you just prefix the same string in front of all subparts aswell and adjust all type one lines of (the also inlined) other referring unofficial files. This should work even for s\ parts because type 1 lines are relative (so s\ or blah-s\ both are valid). This will also l prevent breaking the search order like you indicate.

Orion Pobursky Wrote:I do not want a model rejected simply because it doesn't follow the spec 100%.

I do like a mandatory uniform way of doing things, but I agree it needs to be practical not a burden.

Maybe we need to clear the sub-part thing up spec wise, but at the same time make it optional, so if the author puts a comment like 'needs unofficial library x' somewhere. It can be used as is.
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