Modifying a part currently on hold

Re: Modifying a part currently on hold
Quote:Is this maybe the reason why the 3626ap01 face does not look smooth?
No, it's another problem here: the multiple quads necessary to draw the pattern doesn't follow underlying shape geometry, that's why smooth shading doesn't work fine here. See discussions about texmap in this forum for a solution to this problem.

Quote:Ah, that's a problem with the cyli primitive not being a real cylinder...
Yes. When using primitives with adjacent quads, you must match underlying 16 or 48 segments structure. As you say, this is not perfect since there will be gaps if you substitute mathematical surfaces, but at least you get a perfect surface without substitution.

Quote:Am I right assuming from your answer that one should not use the primitives in these cases?
Since you have vertices in subpart that are placed in the middle of 48 primitive sides, result will always be imperfect (this creates T-junctions, see So I think that using quads/triangles would give better results here.

Quote:Same in the inner part, around the hub. I added edge lines following the real cylinder shape, not the 16-edged primitive. Should I do otherwise?
Edge lines should always follow exact geometry. Indeed, the hub needs some work too. I'd probably use a 48\4-4cyli for the outside, since you have 12 subparts around, and 48 happen to be divisible by 12 Wink. You can match this hires cylinder to normal resolution primitives inside the hub using 48\4-4aring primitive.
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