Command line export to pov from LDView ?

Command line export to pov from LDView ?
Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is a way to export to POV format from LDView using the command line ?

e.g. LDView.exe sample.ldr -exporttopov sample.pov
(or something...)

I've look at the helpfile command reference but don't see it...

Up to now I've always used L3P but I came across a couple of models recently which didn't include all the necessary parts when creating the POV file with L3P whereas LDView created the POV file fine. (Example of part which L3P didn't export was 30552.dat, LDView was fine - which I found a bit odd as I thought both would be using the same parts folders in my LDraw folder ?).

I'm also thinking that LDView is currently supported and being actively developed whereas L3P hasn't been updated for some time, and LDView also tries to download missing parts automatically from LDraw which is a bonus - so would really like to start using LDView instead of L3P I think - but I need the ability to run the export from the command line if at all possible.


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