Those ever-lasting moments of head-desking

Those ever-lasting moments of head-desking
I was collecting parts from my container thingies so that I could put together a jetrax for the sake of 2008 (which was IMO Bionicle's gold year).. noticed I had one of the engine turbine parts missing. Took quite a few days of looking around everywhere until I finally found it in the only place I had forgotten to look at.

So there I was sitting on my bed and thought about those past attempts I had made to make another LDraw part again (stuff like modeling the teeth of the rotating blades, staff of fragmentation, etc) with the turbine part in hand and a wild idea caught me. LDraw's parts tracker revealed that there was an earlier attempt, but being 16-division-circles and lacking some geometry (like the fan interior details), I decided to give my own attempt on the part instead of trying to finish the existing one. Changing resolutions in circles tends to be pretty bad on one's hairs.

So I got the main skeleton done, along with the outer fan blades (which were challenging but doable with a bit of philotools), when I suddenly realized -- those smaller, outer fan blades weren't as systematic as the inner ones. My usual tricks (or at least the ones I still remember) couldn't really help this time around. It was at this point I remembered the LDD/LUT parts that were around when I was active last time around. After a bit of searching, found the LUT version of the part, complete with the outer fans. Just as I was already hoping to be able to finish the part, I noticed to my shock...

[Image: arrrgh.png_thumb.jpg]

Yeah. the blade was too small. If I had remembered the LUT version from the beginning I probably wouldn't be feeling as foolish as I do now. What do?
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