LDView - Fixed Camera Positioning

Re: LDView - Fixed Camera Positioning
Many thanks for the response - and from the author of LDView I think - excellent.

For your info:

What I'm trying to do is create the frames for an animation such as this (I created this one).


This was done using POV-Ray but took about 3 weeks running on 3 machines to render all the necessary frames.
(I wrote an application to create the individual LDR files for each frame from the source LDR file).

What I would like to do, so that I can test the animations, and possibly for creating quick render animations that would take hours not weeks to create, is to use LDView snapshots to create the frames - but I having problems keeping the camera view fixed - hence the original post.

I have tried your suggestions but still get different camera views.

I have attached the two LDR files and commandline batch file I'm using for testing. One is a base plate on its own and one is a base plate with a tower of 2x2 bricks in the centre. I'm aiming to create two snap shots which are from the same camera position...


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