190145 Sticker Yellow Box with Arrows

Re: 190145 Sticker Yellow Box with Arrows
Thank you for useful tips. NB: it was your (excellent!) website when I first learned about Quad2dat (link leads to dead Geocities website).

Centered it and fixed bowtie quadrangles (reuploaded file above). I was fully aware that the part will have many issues, BFC etc. This is where work > fun in part authoring...

I don't plan on becoming a regular part author. I still claim it could be useful to submit this part to the tracker (as it is) because:
  • there are uncertified parts that stayed there for years - some people still download and use them, it's better than having no part at all
  • someone someday may be willing to fix my errors - I grant full permission to modify my work

Shall I email Parts Library Admin then? How to deal with that part alias? (that's admin's duty, right?)
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