I made a new convert

I made a new convert
I couldn't help but to post about LDraw at a certain forum I frequent. It's more related to computer games or history of warfare, yet it has a small modeling section (scale models, RC), where people occasionally post things like this Kamov Ka-50.

I went to describe the "virtual blocks experience" briefly, as for someone who hadn't tried anything similar before, pointing how to start.

Most people usually react "oh, that's cool" - best case. But at least one of them surprised me by... posting within one day POV-ray renders of a properly assembled set. So I managed to hook at least one person to LDraw!

By the way: could anyone give a fair comparison of LDraw to LDD? e.g: part library size? Last time I checked it was 4 years ago, I'm sure it evolved by now.
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