Importance of stud orientation?

Importance of stud orientation?
While creating new LDraw parts I've paid particular attention to the orientation of the studs to ensure that the parts look as accurate as possible.

One thing I've noticed in the LDraw library (and also the LGEO library, but that's another matter) is that although an existing part may be near-perfect, sometimes the orientation of the studs is incorrect.

This is most apparent when using something like LDView, where stud logos are oriented based on the stud.dat's orientation in the LDraw part file. And when LDView exports a model to POV-Ray and uses LGEO studs on non-LGEO parts, the issue carries over.

My question is this: Should existing LDraw parts be resubmitted to the Parts Tracker (via email, of course) just to fix something like stud orientation?

[Incidentally, my current solution to ensure stud orientation is correct is a modification to stud.dat which incorporates the (uncertified) logo.dat primitive, so the LEGO logo is always visible, even in programs like MLCad.]
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