Are standards for official parts too strict?

Re: Are standards for official parts too strict?
Hi Allen,

well, there had been some days where there were disagreements on the parts tracker:
Some people didn't want their files to be touched by others.
That's probably the reason why in the particular case you mention a hold vote was placed,
instead of simply immediately fixing the flaw.
After these conflicts had happened several times, this had frustrated both sides:
- people who wanted to fix other parts no longer did, because they were frightened to step on someone's toes
- parts authors were frustrated because their parts received hold votes.
After those days, the rule was established that if no action on a part happens for some time,
anybody is free to fix it.
Those days also were the times where the parts releases no longer occured regulary,
and this led to many parts piling up on the PT (see my post
below explaining that).
For the particular part you mention, this is probably simply the cause why the progress of
the part you mention was so sloooooooow. There were just too many other parts to take care of.

I really suggest that you have a look at the parts tracker history at
before continuing the complaints. You can see from there that the review mechanism is indeed
working quite well, and that in the near past we have managed to fix and release literally hundreds
of files.

That just one particular part you've been waiting for was not among them is sad,
but many people maybe were happy because of other parts.

I myself was quite sad for a time to see my own files sit around for 8 and more years now.

My suggestion to you is to ask you to join our forces.

Become a parts author and go fix the problems of the files on the parts tracker
which currently carry a "hold" vote.
Or become a parts reviewer and check the files for errors. Cast a CERT or HOLD vote to bring things forward.
From my point of view, this will bring us more advantage than thinking of replacing
(a) the server software or (b) the reviewing process with something else,
which again will bring its own problems, and which will hold up things here
as it would require to change many, many, many things.

Repeat: look at this to see our progress.
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