LDraw Pattern Creator/ LDPattern Help

LDraw Pattern Creator/ LDPattern Help

I'm totally new to anything CAD (well, except LDraw and MLCad, but only moving bricks from A to B). I'm building some Star Wars models, but there are so many printed parts missing. I was trying to recreate the pattern for 30116pb03 (Panel 14 x 14 x 2 2/3 Quarter Saucer Top with Millennium Falcon Pattern) (yes, I know, maybe hard stuff for a beginner, but that's the part I really want) and came across all the programs like LPC and LDP. The principle is clear. Import a part, draw a lot of triangles, save, done. But there are the things between these points, that I don't get. At least not by tial and error. For example: I'll import the part 30116.dat. Fine. And now? How do I get one of the 15 facets to the right position? How do I position the background image right? When I zoom in the part, all I see is the middle. So, how do I scroll left/right or up/down? Since I'm stuck here and did not even get to the "draw a lot of triangles" point, I turned to the Sticker Generator, which was a suitable alternative (for me). I made stickers for every single facet of the part (and after 3 days work, not every sticker 100% accurate, be it in size or position), the final part and subparts being about 12 MB (!), which made the pov file quite heavy. Anyway, I really like to do it right, so anyone who has some experience with LPC or LDP could you please at least tell me, how do I get to the "draw a lot on triangles" part?

Thank you.
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