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The sticker spec is very clear on the file name prefix. So the certified stickers that don't match were either certified before the spec existed, or were certified without meeting the spec. I'm not sure about skipping suffixes.

I personally feel that there shouldn't be round corners, but I understand why you might want them. Also, since color 24 is disallowed in stickers (see next point), they wouldn't be allowed to use cylinder primitives.

I believe that edge lines are disallowed by the sticker spec. Color number 24 is never allowed in stickers, and it states that only real colors are allowed. A hard-coded color for an edge line around the sticker doesn't meet the "real" color requirement. (Note: I believe bullet point 3 in the sticker spec was intended to replace bullet point 4, but the editing was done incorrectly.)

I'm not sure I understand your inset question, but I feel the stickers should be modeled to as closely as possible match the size of the actual physical sticker.

I believe that correcting blatant printing issues is done for patterned parts, and if this is correct, I think it should also be done for stickers.

Sub-part preferences can start holy wars, so I'm staying out of that, other than to say, "Use your best judgement."
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