Ledge under slope bricks (very minor details)

Ledge under slope bricks (very minor details)
All slope bricks have a little ledge so that the 4LDU space is left for the stud to fit in without intersecting anything.
[Image: lhIAx.png]
However, 3675 (this brick's convex counterpart) does not:
[Image: yGjjf.png]
I find this odd because in every other slope brick I can find, the inner slope and outer slope are parallel, except 3675:
[Image: TCeqa.png]
This could just be because the ldraw model was directly derived from a scaled version of 3045:
[Image: Dh23I.png]
(which by the way, has the ledge in real life, although it may just not be worth modeling due to its size.)

Compare the following photos:
[Image: CLgHs.jpg]
[Image: 3ARPw.png]

The ledge of 3675 seems to be smaller than that of 3298 (left) (smallest modeled in the library) but larger than that of 3037 (right) (not modeled).

Since this part is the only one I've seen where the under side of the ramp is not parallell to the top side of the ramp, is it okay to assume that it should be there, and update the part?

Also worth noting is the fact that the ldraw version of 30363 has the ledge come all the way to the edge of the underside tube:
[Image: KPqPz.png]
but the real-life version does not:
[Image: gumEO.jpg]
and the top and bottom seem to already be parallel:
[Image: yLrmo.png]
What is the proper solution?
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