Questions for the ortho (2D) editing mode users

Questions for the ortho (2D) editing mode users
Hello all,

I've been working on LDCad 1.1's 'ortho' mode implementation the last couple of weeks, and I think I now have a solid basic handling running.

But because I personally don't use Ortho much (hence the perspective only view in 1.0) I would love to get some feedback from the people who do prefer the ortho views over a single 3D one.

The current implementation allows for 24! different ortho views using the compass.

A short (8MB) avi can be viewed to get the picture.

Basically the ortho view will follow the current editing plane (xy, yz, xz) but on top of that allows for 8 different orientations per plane. It also takes in account the grid orientation (so if you have tilled grid, the ortho views will also tilt.).

The 't', 's', 'f' keys will also work but they restore the last orientation for the plane used in the compass.

In practice you probably set the view only once per window. But by using the compass you could alternatively use a single view for more space convenience.

Any feed back is welcome, cause I'm at the point at which changes can be made 'easily'.
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