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(2024-05-20, 4:57)Fredrik Hareide Wrote: Thanks! Yes I could certainly do that. Still learning so I was guess that some stuff was wrong. I'm glad you decided to add unofficial parts! Smile
Same here, I use svn for all my other stuff. Soe notes i've seen mentioned here and there:

Make your local changes in a new branche, so you van pr that branch later.
Once the pr is made, start a new branch for changes you want to do in the next pr (basically avoid committing to main).
This way your local commits won't show up in a previous (open) pr.
Also sync your fork when I merge a pr or when you just want the latest base (upstream) version, this doc should help:

Just some things I read/learned, I'm no git/github expert so maybe others have more/better pointers.

(2024-05-20, 4:57)Fredrik Hareide Wrote: Looking forward to that change and will do my best to keep helping get more parts out.
It's already done in dev, but please don't wait on the new version to make more content.
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