Cannot find this lego piece from 50s - 70s era anywhere.

Cannot find this lego piece from 50s - 70s era anywhere.
Hello everyone! I am currently going through old lego from my dad and found a lot of 50s or 60s lego. I found an arch piece that looks like an old lego piece, but I am unable to find it on bricklink or rebrickable. No idea if this piece is in the LDraw library though. This arch piece is a 2 x 2 x 8 and hollow. I have stacked two old bricks to confirm the height just in case. Does anybody know if this is a real lego piece or not? I have pictures comparing an old 2 x 8 hollow piece with the arch piece next to it. I asked my dad if he knows if the piece is from lego. He does not know for sure, because he was too young and does not remember.

[Image: qRtuFU8.jpg]

The studs look really similar on this picture, but the arch looks like to have a more clearer print. The print does exist on the 2 x 8 piece, but more subtle. On rebrickable some pieces do have a more clearer print on the stud like the arch. This made me interested in looking this piece up.

[Image: QiIFK6R.jpg]

The arch looks somewhat different from existing arches on bricklink and rebrickable. No idea if this would mean anything, but this piece has a higher arch gap than newer arch pieces.

[Image: xQHiI3J.jpg]

The hollow side of the piece is more interesting to me. I have put a second arch piece next to it as well, because the hollow side looks a bit different.

Does anybody know how to verify this piece and if this is lego? Please let me know if you want more pictures of this piece if necessary.
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