Hi-res submodels in LDView?

RE: Hi-res submodels in LDView?
(2022-12-30, 0:35)Max Murtazin Wrote: Been wondering about one thing recently. Are there any ways to do the hi-res submodels in LDView? What I mean is some option to have two versions of the submodel, so one of those would be used in normal, and one in hi-res mode

I know that technically you can turn your submodels into primitives, and put the hi-res one in 48/, but I'd like to have ability of building off the existing library without changing it

Guess answer is no, but still looking forward to the possibilities

This can't be done by toggling the high-res setting, but I believe it could be done by putting the high res and low res files in unique directories, then adding both of these directories to LDView's extra search directories. The top-level model would not refer to the directory containing the sub-models. Whichever directory is on top at model load time would be the one that would be used. You could then swap the two directories to get the other version of the model.
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