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(2022-08-20, 19:53)Manfred Schaefer Wrote: how do you check if there is a collision in your model. I have not found anything in MLCad, LDCad I know too little,
Studio is sometimes too unreliable.

If you would like to give LDInspector a chance or the integration of the same algorithm into LDCad 1.7-alpha2, I would be happy to hear about your results or assist if you need help getting a result. If you like LDInspector but dislike JavaFX, you can use the command line tool like so:
me:$ java 603-1\ -\ Sidecar.mpd
error: contains colliding parts

part 3819.dat in line 68<-12 collides with part 973.dat in line 67<-12
part 3818.dat in line 69<-12 collides with part 973.dat in line 67<-12

found 2 collisions in 117ms
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