Chain links 3711 / treads 3873

Chain links 3711 / treads 3873
Hi all,

3711/3873 both have a span (distance between connectors) of 16LDU.

IRL, the distance is slightly bigger.  It’s about 2.7% more.  (Measured while digital-building 10303: it needs 262 links in digital, while 255 (222+33) are in the set / instructions.)
That would make a span of about 16.4LDU.

So, two questions:

1. Am I the only one bothered with that?  I.e. not having the correct number of parts in digital builds.

2. Could it be changed?  Or is there a rule (that I didn’t find) somewhere saying that it can’t?
I mean, excluding backward compatibility rules.  So to rephrase the question: Could a similar part be built & officialized with a span of 16.4LDU?
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