Procedurally generating classic 80s houses

RE: Procedurally generating classic 80s houses
(2022-04-05, 20:09)Mark Wellas Wrote: Hello  Smile 

I've written some code to generate random houses, classic 80s town style!

At the moment, everything is random: the floorplan, colours, window/door counts and placement. It is limited to classic colours and a few windows and doors that were widespread in the 80s. The bricks are laid well, using an algorithm to maximise interlocking between levels. The roof is always a brick-built hipped roof. There is lots of potential to add new building features of course but I'm not sure where it will go after this first very basic version. Here is a picture of some houses generated today.
Very nice! How is it programmed? would make a fine script for LDCad...
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