Rules for tile descriptions

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(2022-03-31, 20:38)Cam's Bricks Wrote: I think it might be best to consider the mold variation of a single part vs a category of similar parts. 

Jumper has had 3 mold variations:
Not groove bottom tube
Groove bottom tube
Groove bottom stud jumper

Where as Tile, Without Groove covers a group of parts:
1x2 grille tile

The mold variation implementations are already seen in practice when looking at 1x1 clip plates and tiles.

A perhaps closer example might be slopes. There are lots of bottom variations, and there are lots of different slopes that have variations (and lots of different patterns that exist on different variants of the slopes). Going by the original criteria of the question, which version would be the "default" slope, with the short, unmodified, alphabetically first name?

The idea, basically, seems to be that the part most users will be searching for is the one that should come up most easily. It does seem odd that, the vast majority of the time, the tile or slope part you want is the variant with a 'b' next to it. But I don't know if that's so much a naming issue as it is a search filtering issue.
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