OMR and multi-set official models

OMR and multi-set official models
Question was raised initially by Javier Orquiera:
The OMR specification don't seem to address official instructions of models made from multiple sets, while this situation does occur quite frequently:
- extension sets (eg. education sets such as Spike Prime 45678 + expansion set 45680, but also retail sets such as 9747 Robotics Invention System + 3800 Ultimate Builders Set)
- Some simple sets that can be used in combination to create bigger models - this is common with the pull-back motor sets.

What should we do to accomodate this ? We could use set1 + set2 as <Set Number>,  but what about <Set Name>? What are the implications on OMR website?
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OMR and multi-set official models - by Philippe Hurbain - 2022-02-28, 16:30

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