New Contributer's Agreement

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RE: New Contributer's Agreement
New CA FAQs:

Why did we revise the CA?
The CC BY 2.0 license has some legal baggage that we wish to avoid. While we are in compliance with that license, we don't want human error to potentially cause problems.

Do I have to agree to the new CA?
No, your submissions will continue to be covered under the CC BY 2.0 license. However, we politely ask that you allow us to address any concerns you have and ultimately agree to the new CA. Additionally, past the implementation date, you will be required to agree to the new CA in order to submit parts.

What about authors who cannot be contacted to agree to the new CA?
As above, their submissions will continue to be covered under the CC BY 2.0 license.

How will I know which parts are covered by what license?
All changes to parts after implementation date will be covered under both the 2.0 and 4.0 licenses. Since the entire library will be updated with a new !LICENSE meta, this means that all parts will be considered derivative works of the original parts and be dual licensed. Those parts where the original author and all the !HISTORY line authors have affirmed the new CA will be solely licensed by 4.0 and that will be reflected in the !LICENSE line.

When is the implementation date?
This is TBD and depends on updating the PT software for compatibility with the new license scheme. Once a definite date has been determined, it will be announced here on the forums.
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