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[attachment=7261 Wrote:Orion Pobursky pid='44063' dateline='1640062830']Hi and thanks for your help. I have followed this as best as I can and something major seems to have gone wrong!! Now when I open LDCad I just get a screen full of red stars that dont turn into the models I have done. I have included a document of a screen shot showing this. Please help as I am scared to death that I may have lost an important design.
Regards Martin. Huh
Go Here:

Click on the "Download All Unofficial Files" link
Save the zip file in your ldraw folder
Open up LDCad
Go to Prefs->LDraw->Search (library) Paths
In the dialog the opens, click "New" on the right-hand side
Select the new entry that just appeared
Up at the top, next to the Location text box, click "Browse Archive"
Navigate to where you saved the, select it, and click open
The path to should now appear in the Location text box
Click Accept at the bottom
Close and restart LDCad to reload the library

Please note:
"These are unofficial parts. They may be incomplete, or inaccurate, and it is possible that when they are officially released they may be changed in ways that could mess up any model you use them in. This is far more likely for Held parts than Certified parts."

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