Help required using LDCad

RE: Help required using LDCad
(2021-12-16, 8:28)Martin Stockton Wrote: Hi all, I hope that someone will be able to point me in the right direction. Two things;
1.  Using LDCad how do i upload missing items or new items? 
2.  Can anyone help me with manipulating Pneumatic pipes as I install them. I can place them ok at either end and lengthen them using the small balls, but can't work out how to move the pipe through or around obsticals!!

Thank you in advance for any help and please be aware that any explanation will have to be dumbed down to my level!!!!!!

Cheers Martin Smile

With regard to the pneumatic hoses, have you seen Roland's excellent description on his Advanced editing page of the LDCAD website? Scroll down to the section titled "Dynamic Parts". The first section describes manipulating rubber bands. Read this section even though you want to manipulate pneumatic hoses. The next section then describes manipulating pneumatic hoses.


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