Solved Challenging Pieces: 2557c03 and 2559c03

Challenging Pieces: 2557c03 and 2559c03
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Hi Everyone!

First time posting! Was only lurking until now and once working with, i realized the complexity of 3D Modeling. 
I have no skills in 3D Modeling at all by myself, but i have enough technical knowledge to realize that the pieces i'm asking for are a living inferno to do!

I'm working on recreating vintage dioramas from the background images on the old LEGO IDEAS books, and after working on castle builds (with instructions downloadable for free on the site , now I started tackling pirates builds from the same book, but quickly realized that plenty of pieces are missing!

Therefore i'm here to ask if someone could try to tackle the Large Boat Hulls 2559c03 and 2557c03 from vintage pirates sets, as for these pieces, i really cannot find any possible alternatives (like i did for  2552px3)
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