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RE: Merge several .mpd files into one
(2021-10-12, 18:12)Roland Melkert Wrote: Nested select all copy paste should work (visually wise), so those are bugs.
Thank you again, Roland, for a tip about 1.6d. I reinstalled 1.6d this morning and I may confirm everything bug flexible parts works, problems with nested submodels etc. are gone.

Please, what can I do with flexible parts?
  • Can you improve copy&paste to work with these in the next version?
  • Can I copy&paste them manually, somehow? Using source window? Or anything else?
  • Another alternative: can you add a feature "include this submodel"? Description: If I open two mpd files in LDCAD, I see all their submodels together in the partbin. But, so far, I cannot use them in the other mpd file. Could you extend this feature?

Maybe my ideas are too futuristic, I'm sorry I absolutely don't know how hard these features are. I just estimate this using a simple idea: LDCAD already understands mpd structure very well, including the tree of submodel dependencies, so it should be possible Smile
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