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RE: Merge several .mpd files into one
(2021-10-12, 11:13)Milan Vančura Wrote: working but not sure it is correct solution: for each original mpd I do "File"->"Clean up"->"Add prefix", "embed unofficial". Then, create new empty mpd (with model "main"), join this new file and original mpd files into new one (on commandline, out of LDCAD: "cat new.mpd orig1.mpd orig2.mpd orig3.mpd >m.mpd && mv m.mpd new.mpd"). Open the result mpd in LDCAD again and use "MPD submodels" section in partbin.
I think this is a correct method (it's the one I would have used before reading your proposals). Not sure though that "embed unofficial" is useful there.
But I'd be glad to be shown a simpler method Wink
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