Sticker or "Sticker on Part" preference?

RE: Sticker or "Sticker on Part" preference?
(2021-09-27, 0:09) Wrote: Hi Group,

I'm currently working on all of the stickers supplied with the new "Daily Bugle" set, model 76178 and the two sticker sheets supplied (76178stk01 and 76178stk02).
What is the preferred format to submit these decorated parts to the LDraw parts tracker? As a part with the sticker attached? or as the sticker alone?
Thanks in advance.


Please upload only the sticker file. If the sticker is folded/formed, then you can upload a shortcut including the part and the folded/formed sticker.
Please have a look into the specifications for sticker parts: which should answer your questions as well.

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