Seeking a ldcad animation script method

RE: Seeking a ldcad animation script method
(2021-09-29, 18:10)Roland Melkert Wrote: Looks fun though Big Grin

There is also a problem when you play the animation fast or slow.

This is because you based your calculations on frame rate which isn't guaranteed to stay constant during playback.

Fast will skip frames, and slow will increase the number of frames (super slowmo).

Very promising project non the less.

So presumably I should be using ani:getFrameTime() and ani:getLength() instead of ani:getFrameNr() and ani:getFrameCount()?

If so, is may be worth reflecting the same approach in your Scripting examples page? I used getFrameNr() and getFrameCount() on the basis of the sample examples page. Or is your suggestion something else altogether?

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