Exporting Contour Lines Along with Snapshot in LDView

RE: Exporting Contour Lines Along with Snapshot in LDView
(2021-09-24, 16:37)Travis Cobbs Wrote: The good news is that you can specify any arbitrary value using the -EdgeThickness=n command line option. The actual maximum will be clamped by your OpenGL driver, but it should be quite a bit higher than what LDView's UI lets you select. I believe that the value supported by OpenGL is often different when "Antialias lines" is enabled in the General tab of LDView's preferences. I don't know if it is higher or lower when that is enabled, but I believe it can be different.

You bring up a very interesting option I was not aware of, here. Before this I didn't know of any program using the the same binary file for both the graphical program and the command line tool.
Anyhow, I've been trying to export snapshots from the command line, and it returns no errors, but I can't find the exported snapshot... Isn't it supposed to be in C:\Program Files\LDView, in this case (I am trying to export a snapshot of "spaceman-head.ldr" to a PNG, as a test)?
[Image: 1ytff0h21qvrh2c9g.jpg?size_id=7]
Here is the command I typed (I'm using the Windows 10 Command Prompt tool):
C:\Program Files\LDView>LDView64 spaceman-head.ldr -SaveSnapshot=spaceman-head.png
Did I do something wrong?

Thanks again for your help. It's very appreciated.

G.D. Grant
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