Cannot Find my LDraw Library...

Cannot Find my LDraw Library...
Prepare to hear something ridiculous...
I lost my LDraw library. Can't remember where I put it on my PC anymore.
I remember doing a manual installation for some nerdy reason and, therefore, my parts library is perhaps not at the default location where the AIOI would have put it...
Is there any way to find the folder where I put my official parts via any LDraw program's preferences settings? I currently have LDView, LDCad, MLCad and LeoCAD installed (all are working properly.) I would like to find my parts library for two main reasons: LPub3D is begging me to, and I would like to add custom parts to it as well.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Cheers. ?

G.D. Grant
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Cannot Find my LDraw Library... - by G.D. Grant - 2021-09-23, 13:46

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