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RE: Rubber band templates question
(2021-09-10, 17:48)Roland Melkert Wrote: The alignment parameter acts only on the y axis (path direction).

Ah, I thought that was what "offset" does. (Or are they basically the same operation, just done at different stages of the process?)

Quote:Offsetting the donor would work but you must set the donor center to "Part origin" or it will correct for it automatically.

Fair enough, I just wasn't sure if that would mess with the deformation process. Although, why would you give the option if it did… ;-)

Quote:I could add a "Outer border" option to the donor center option list, to you do this without changing the donor.

That might be useful at least for some use cases. Normally, it's no problem to just add half of the donor width to the radius of the bearing part, but I was working with some non-integer scaling factors (e.g., to get a skinnier rubber band) so then you have to type the radius manually.
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