Another possible use for !FLOAT meta

RE: Another possible use for !FLOAT meta
(2021-09-06, 18:42)Roland Melkert Wrote: Funny this is actually, sort of, how animation works in LDCad.

It pushes the current model matrix at playback start for all animated things on a stack and resets it every frame, mainly because I ran into major rounding problems otherwise Smile

I like your !FLOAT suggestion, but do you know LPUB3D is also working on a new buffer exchange replacement meta?

It might be better to combine your efforts with them so we don't end up with a zillion different meta's doing the same things.

I had heard about that, actually. Biggest difference I notice is that the new LPUB meta doesn't do away with duplicate type 1 reference lines, so you don't get a failsafe fallback. But this could be as simple as adjusting the syntax of the meta so that the modified content isn't made up of "real" type 1 lines. (Similar to the way TEXMAP works with !:, I suppose.)
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