[LDView][LDCad] Bug rendering 49098.dat

[LDView][LDCad] Bug rendering 49098.dat
Hi, I was creating instructions with LPub3D when I encountered this bug.

The torus subpart of https://www.ldraw.org/parts/official-par...rtid=49098 isn't rendered.

I investigate a bit and notice there's no consistency in this bug. Even here on LDraw.org.
Coming next are screenshots of this part as viewed by several softwares :

in the part tracker :
- this one is a 200% view of the PT's thumbnails (maybe generated with LDView ?)
[Image: 49098_website_preview.png]

- this one is from the PT's 3D viewer, part is complete, yay !
[Image: 49098_website_viewer.png]
- in LDView, note that the tree info module shows the primitive and knows that the quads should be rendered (red highlight) :
[Image: 49098_ldview.png]
- in MLCad (the old man knows how do deal with parts) :
[Image: 49098_mlcad.png]
- LDCad  (BFC is working here) :
[Image: 49098_ldcad.png]

- LPub3D 200% PLI display unsing LDView (since LDView doesn't render the part correctly, it's obvious this one isn't correct) :
[Image: 49098_lpub3d_ldview.png]
- LPub3D with the native rendering engine (works fine) :
[Image: 49098_lpub3d_native.png]

- Last but not least, I inlined the torus primitive and "ta-da !" :
[Image: 49098_ldview_inlined.png]
LDView finaly rendered the file nicely.

I can't remember when, but it's a bypass I allready used this year and that we discussed here. I used (maybe badly) the search option of the forum and didn't find the thread.

EDIT : The problem still exists in LPub3D
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