LDCad Thousands separator/decimal point confusion

RE: Thousands separator/decimal point confusion
(2021-08-15, 5:00)Owen Dive Wrote: if I open the Reference/selection properties box to put in new coordinates, the numbers/s are displayed with commas as thousands separators. But when I hit Accept to dismiss that box, that comma gets interpreted as a decimal point, and my part moves much closer to the origin - from x=1020 (say) to x=1.02.
Strange, i can't replicate this in mint. Which flavour os, and country settings are you using?

I think it is external though, as LDCad doesn't actually use locale information. It accepts both dot and comma anywhere.

It does use the preferred separator when presenting numbers, but never includes thousand separators.

Is it possible the gui frontend adds that 'automagically' ?
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