LDCad 1.7 Alpha 1 (win+linux)

RE: LDCad 1.7 Alpha 1 (win+linux)
(2021-07-20, 13:50)Willy Tschager Wrote: My bad. Not thinking about much I just copied over to an new folder in "Programs/LDraw (64 Bit). Running it as an admin solved my problem.


Running LDCad in C:\Programs\LDraw\LDCad 1.7 as Admin solved my issue with the icons but a the same time all other folder for config files and such got created in the C:\Programs\LDraw\LDCad 1.7 folder as well and not in C:\Users\Willy\AppData\Roaming\LDCad 1.7 as expected.

I can add the unofficial folder to the library but I cannot change the GUI unless I run the .exe as Admin again.

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