Rubber arrow helper and more arrows

RE: Rubber arrow helper and more arrows
(2021-07-13, 22:20)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Why does your arrows have edges in colour 16? Thats not allowed.

Why do you want 2D parts in a 3D environment?

Hello Magnus.

These "parts" are special. No real bricks so rules for real bricks do not necessarily apply here. And your questions are perfect examples of such differencies: arrows are 2D because they are used more as "illustrations" in some instruction step (think about BUFFER EXCHANGE or look into original LEGO instructions for examples). For this reason we do not want to render them 3D and do not want to show edges of 3D object either. So both these points you mentioned are intentional.

However, we do not want to create any problems with rendering so we should be always sure, for example, that these parts have both sides (top and bottom). This is what needs to be improved before publishing these files in the official library, as I noted above.
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