MacOS Morterey Object Capture

RE: MacOS Morterey Object Capture
(2021-07-06, 20:15)Travis Cobbs Wrote: While not usable as-is, a mesh simplifier might make it usable as a starting point.

These scanners have the same problem with Lego parts: the shiny surface and the small size. For the first problem, just use talcum powder or similar. The original color is lost, but you get a better geometry. There are also sprays to get a mate surface. Just be sure you can remove it later without damaging the part. Other tricks:
- Add texture to that surface such as speckles and stains to make the work easier for the app. Use only when the original texture is discarded.
- Use a textured and not patterned background, for example, advertising brochure. Qlone app uses a special texture to know where the phone was when taking the photos. I usually use software that don't have that kind of texture: Meshroom, 3DF Zephyr Free, etc.
- All the elements must be in focus: part and background
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