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(2021-06-17, 13:19)jass Wrote: I updated the latest all-in version with 2.4.0 of Lpub. But it always crashed when I change the size of building material page or some information in the step. I don't know what's wrong about the new version or I need to change some option before use it.

Try 2.4.3. That is the latest most stable version.
Though I do not recognize 2.4.0 crashing like that.
I work with a few versions of LPub3D for backwards compatibility of projects I am working on but never had I any crash resizing the BOM.
Rarely some crashes with some stuff, but not that many and certainly not all the time.
Perhaps there is something wrong with your LDraw file?
Try making a copy of your file and then remove all LPub commands in that copy.
Add a BOM, resize the box and see what happens?
If it does not crash, something was wrong with the LPub commands.
If it does crash, send in a bug report on the GitHub page for LPub3D.
Jaco van der Molen
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