LDView LDView 4.4 Beta 5 test release

LDView 4.4 Beta 5 test release
I have posted a test release for LDView 4.4 Beta 5 to GitHub:


This release mainly contains bug fixes since Beta 4, along with a few new features. The biggest new feature is the ability to search in the Model Tree Dialog. Also, if edge lines are enabled, the model tree highlight has the edge lines for the highlighted element show through all other geometry in the model, so even a fully hidden element will still be visible.

For this release, the Windows versions are built using new versions of Visual Studio. The 64-bit version is compiled with Visual Studio 2019 (compared to 2015 before), and is no longer compatible with Windows XP. The 32-bit version is compiled with Visual Studio 2017, and should still be compatible with Windows XP.

The ChangeHistory.html file that is included in the release lists all of the changes since LDView 4.3. In the macOS version, ChangeHistory.html is in the dmg. In the Windows version, ChangeHistory.html gets installed to wherever you install LDView (C:\Program Files\LDView by default). I'm actually not sure where it goes in the Linux version. Please see my Alpha 6 announcement for a list of what I feel are the most important changes relative to LDView 4.3.

Please let me know about any problems you find. The preferred way to do that is with LDView's GitHub Issues tracker. However, if you do not want to create a GitHub account so that you can do that, you can reply to this message.

My hope is that this is the last beta release before an official LDView 4.4 release. (I know I said that for the last release, but unfortunately I made too many changes to be comfortable with a final release without one more test release.)
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