Jackhammer hold by both hands. How?

RE: Jackhammer hold by both hands. How?
(2021-05-24, 16:50)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: I confirm that it is complex and maybe inaccurate... if only because none of the models (torso, arm, hand, jackhammer) are fully accurate! So imho a visual approximation is "good enough". I had a try with LDCad, which offers to rotate each elements separately around their own axis. Moreover, once you have adjusted one side, you can use its mirror function to make the other side.
Attached what I've managed to do...

Hello Philippe,

Thank you for your quick reply and the great result. Smile
I have started to work with the LDCad program and I am impressed with its performance. However, I still have problems with the rotation of the parts.
I had tried the snap function for the parts, but somehow at the last part there was a little gap or the angle was wrong. Something was always missing somewhere. Huh
I see I still have to practice a lot.
Thank you again.


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