As you can probably tell, I'm from Australia and wanted to say hello after joining up.

I'm hoping to submit some missing parts to the catalogue... every now and again I come across parts that have no models and end up creating them for my own use, but thought the whole community could benefit from that. I use stud.io and the associated Part Designer for my digital designs (and I have a swag of my own custom parts designed using OpenSCAD) - so if there's any gotchas about exported LDR files from there please let me know or point me towards docs (I have a suspicion there's at least one, to do with colours). Thanks.

Please note that I have lots of time but not much energy and may not respond to requests anywhere near quickly. I'm currently battling leukaemia and some portions of my chemo leave me incapacitated while other times I'm reasonably OK. I have another 18 months of that to go...

Best regards,
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