Parts Numbering for VIDIYO Tiles

RE: Parts Numbering for VIDIYO Tiles
(2021-03-11, 21:17)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: Gerald has done some with IMG2DAT too. They looked good.
I am not sure if all tiles are suitable to do that, so Texmap is a good alternative.

Here they are:

Those were really like a workflow demo, I did no optimization in Img4Dat at all, only thing I manually did, was to adjust the export size of the template, which is somehow flawed (I think I need to update of the SW). Each tile took less than 5 minutes to do.

I am just in a moral trouble concerning the "fair use". On the other hand every script kiddie can get their hands on with literally no effort. For myself I decided not to do these indeed great tiles for a while.

Would need to make a test if the App recognizes the DAT-tiles.

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